Our values enable us to showcase who we are and help us shape the choices we make at work, our philosophy guides us to how we behave as we do it. The philosophy words were written from the heart of one of our team, who aspire to behave in this way every day at home and at work.


We share a contagious belief in our brand and family. While our ‘pride’ dates back to 2021, today we all still share in the belief that the experience we offer and the service we provide is the best there is. NMDA is an authentic one of a kind experience. A unique place where everyone shares the fun, enjoyment and lasting memories of great times together.


There is a real energy and passion in everything we do and everything we stand for. Our culture has always been one of uncompromised service and that’s still the key thing about us that makes such a big difference. It’s our people that really set us apart. Everyone plays an important role in delivering that very special NMDA feeling and the wow factor for our students and clients.


From the way we look to the classes we deliver, our individual personality provides a unique atmosphere. We deliver the show that creates a level of entertainment and enjoyment that can’t be found anywhere else. NMDA is a place where people can escape the outside world, make friends and unite families and be guaranteed of great times together.


At the heart of our values is our people and we need to protect them. We put safety first. Always.

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